C-111. Living IT


This session focuses on what it is like to work as an IT professional, how to live as a Christian, and perspectives on IT. First, four panelists will provide short presentations describing their experiences and will be an interactive panel discussion with them. This panel would include discussions concerning their different paths in becoming an IT professional, and how they balance their career with spirituality.
We will leave ample time for an extensive Q&A period to hear from you and answer your questions.
* Topics
1) Job Career Path Counseling
2) Negotiating life as a Christian who is already (e.g., as a student) in or has aspirations for a career in Information Technology.
3) Perspectives on IT in the post-covid19 era

* The Panellist's Presentation Plan

1) Billy Park
   * "Current landscape of technology fields and jobs: How to be well prepared"
How technology is being used in companies and what kind of talent is needed.
How can we respond quickly and succeed in constantly changing situations?
What are the differences among large companies, small businesses, or startups?
Sharing the differences between European, North American and Asian company cultures.
Sharing how language, culture and beliefs play a role in today's technological world.

2) Dr. Bill
   * "Negotiating life as a Christian who is already (e.g., as a student) in or has aspirations for a career in Information Technology."

3) Abraham Song
  - I would like to talk about the welfare, corporate culture, and employment strategies of American tech companies.
  - With real examples, let me discuss how we can get jobs at American tech companies.

4) Joseph Cho
  - Perspectives on IT/Social Media in the post-covid19 era
  - IT/Social Media Tools for campus mission
  - Supporting personal spiritual life 
     Social Media Addiction & Spirituality 


Abraham Song

Staff Data Engineer @ Visa.

CEO @ Seattle Basecamp Inc.

CEO @ Startup Consulting Inc.

Billy (Hyeng Sup) Park

LinkedIn handle: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bcjmpark/ Software Development Manager @ Amazon (Seattle, WA, USA) 25+ years of technology experience playing various roles including engineering and leadership. (IBM, Edmunds.com, ADP, Technicolor, and Amazon) Founder of five start-up companies. Living in Seattle/Los Angeles (back and forth) Married and have three children (two daughters and one son) My hobbies include playing soccer/table-tennis, reading, traveling (11 countries in 5 continents), and investing. I'd like to have a presentation with the title of "Current landscape of technology fields and jobs: How to be well prepared"

Dr. William M. Pottenger

Dr Bill Pottenger is a lay pastor serving the Lehigh University Bible Fellowship church in Bethlehem, PA. He's also on the grad faculty of Rutgers University and is CEO and founder of Intuidex, a manufacturer of solutions in the visual and data analytics space. 

Dr. Joseph Cho

Dr. Joseph Cho is a layman missionary in Los Angeles. He is the UBF HQ IT/SNS Mission Coordinator since November, 2019. He has a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, and he is a researcher at Chapman University. He is also involved in a project to create a mental health chatbot using machine learning technology for LooperRoom which is an early stage startup company. He developed UBF Bible Reading App and the new ubf.org website.

한국에서 SK그룹 IT회사에서 21년간 IT엔지니어로 근무(SK Planet Tmap개발운영)/ 국민대에서 Big Data Analysis 전공으로 박사학위 취득. / 미국 채프만대학교에서 머신러닝분야 연구원. / 루퍼룸 스타트업 심리상담 챗봇 서비스 개발 참여. / 현재 LC Lab Inc 스타트업 시작.

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