S-113. 7 Keys to Understanding the Book of Revelation


Studying the book of Revelation is like a maze game. Many people attempt to interpret every detail without knowing the basic principles. Then they feel lost in the forest and give up. In this class, we will learn 7 keys to understanding the book of Revelation. We will study the main chapters of the book while exploring the 7 keys. Through the class, students will understand the flow of the book and gain confidence in reading and interpreting of the book by themselves. Prerequisites: Read the book and remember the contents of each chapter (It takes 3 or 4 hours to read the entire book)

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Elijah Park

Elijah Park is a Bible teacher who has worked in campus ministry for over 40 years. He has served Washington UBF since he came to the USA in 1978. He worked as an IT specialist at the federal Government for 28 years. He is now retired from his work, and continues to serve the Lord as a Bible teacher with his wife, Grace, his sons and their wives: Joe and Josephine, Augustine and Sarah L., and his daughter Sarah E. He is proud of his grandchildren: Jonathan, Abby, Benjamin, Enoch and Emma. 

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