C-106. Freedom from Porn and Masturbation


Today’s pornography is not a trivial problem that we can just ignore. It’s actually destroying God’s people and his kingdom more than anything else. No one is immune – men, women, young, or old – to the destructive power of porn. So many Christians are living as slaves to porn and masturbation thinking that this is an exceptional area that we cannot really do anything about. This is a lie. Can we be freed from porn and masturbation today? Yes. You can have freedom from the bondage and live a pure and powerful life in Jesus. This class can be a turning point of your life. There will be two sessions. This class is limited to men for more open conversations.


Moses Noh

Moses Noh is a layman missionary in Philadelphia. Since he accepted God’s grace and calling in college he has been committed to UBF campus mission. He is happily married to Rebekah who is also a UBF layman missionary and they have three children, David (19), Grace (17), and Abraham (15). He is a professor at Drexel University and teaches microscale manufacturing technology. He loves playing tennis so whenever he travels he takes the Bible in his right hand and tennis racket in his left. He finds it a great joy to have a conversation with young people and answer some of their questions based on biblical truth and his experience. God does not need our ability but availability. He made himself available for a few sessions for Vision Camp 2021 although he is not an expert in the topics.

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