S-116. Surprised by Scripture Part I (Introduction to Exegesis)


This workshop will provide an easy and accessible introduction to exegesis. The sessions will be based on a book by Fee and Stuart (How to read the bible for all its worth). It may occasionally challenge pre-existing assumptions and even interpretations (hence the “surprise”) but will provide important common-sense principles on how to read the bible. Following topics will be covered: Epistles, OT narratives, The gospels

Interested participants are expected to make an effort to attend all sessions. This is critical not just for content reasons but to facilitate a sense of community and enable free and active discussions among the workshop attendees. Also, there will be limited but mandatory homework (primarily reading and preparing a presentation).

Depending on interest, a second series of workshops can be offered on the Psalms, OT law, Revelation.


Enoch H.

Enoch's greatest accomplishment is to be married to Grace and to father four boys. During weekdays, he pretends to be a data scientist and computational biologist to support vaccine and cancer research. He is a regular preacher at his home church, hence his great interest in sound exegesis.

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