S-123. God’s Mission for Africa


Mauro Guillen claims that by 2030, sub-Saharan Africa will be the birthplace of the next industrial revolution. (2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything, 2020) Why? And How so? It is the right time for you to pay attention more to the African continent.

Under this topic, we will think of Africa in mainly two areas: (1) How much do we know about Africa? (2) What God is doing in Africa, and for Africa?

By the end of the workshop, we hope that attendants may increase their interest in Africa, gain basic understanding about Africa, and may have a vision to be co-workers to serve God’s mission in Africa.


Pastor Mark Yoon

Mark is a missionary in Kenya and has served in UBF ministry for 29 years since 1992. As a tent-maker missionary, he has been a professional market research writer for 20 years writing articles about African trade, economy, and social issues for the Korean business community.


He completed a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology with a thesis entitled "Mentoring for Effective Cross-Cultural Ministry: A Case Study among the University of Nairobi Students” (2011).


After transferring ministry duties to local leadership, he is very interested in drawing attention to the next generation of leaders and missionary candidates to Africa.

Tunde Adebola

Tunde Adebola grew as a disciple of Jesus Christ in Nigeria after studying the Bible with shepherds and
missionaries in UBF during his college days. After his marriage to Folake, by God’s grace he came to the
United States in 2006 and served God together in Washington UBF during the last 15 years. God blessed
them with three children - Elizabeth (13), Gabriel (10), and Michael (7). God has also recently answered
their prayers for Tunde to serve as a professor shepherd by opening a door at Hampton University,
Virginia. His family prays to pioneer Hampton University by God’s grace.

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