C-122. ‘I Am Not in Charge’ by Ness Cannon


This session will be an open discussion on a devotional book, written by Ness Cannon, who analyzes the walk of Jesus who let go of all control and put his trust in the Lord in all things. Using this book as a guide, we will delve into how we may be taking charge over aspects of our lives that affect our relationship with God, with others, and with ourselves.

Thought provoking questions will be asked such as ‘How might people-pleasing behavior be a form of control?’ ‘What are some expectations that you may have from God?’ and ‘Why should we trust in God even in difficult times?’ 

The purpose of the session is to help us look introspectively at our sense of control and study how Jesus perfectly trusted in God, giving all control to his loving Father. 

DISCLAIMER: You are NOT required to read the book to attend the session as we will be going over the key concepts of the book together. 


Josephine Kim

I am a recently graduated Master's student from Rutgers University, NJ in the School of Social Work. My interests have centered around the study of trauma and trauma-focused therapeutic modalities and therefore, my passion is to be a mental health counselor. Currently, I work as an administrative assistant for an Online Professional Training Program at Rutgers University. But if I were to choose one job for the rest of my life, it would be to pursue all the knowledge in life, especially the wisdom that is located in the bible. Though I am not wise by any means, I find a lot of joy with listening and understanding people, how they perceive their world and themselves, and this became part of my drive to join Vision Camp 2021. 

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