C-119. TCK (Third Culture Kids): Identity and Navigating Inner and Outer Worlds


Growing up between worlds in the context of ministry, young people often ask, "Who am I? Where do I belong? What's the purpose of my life?" By looking at important aspects of MKs and TCKs, we will create a space where they can be known by God and others, as we understand one another, together with some fun and fellowship.

We will explore the topics on “Foundation of Identity, Feeling and Emotion, Fellowship and Relationship.”

These sessions will prepare MK/ TCKs for life ahead and equip them to thrive in their strengths and manage challenges.

Three main sessions:

July 31: Feeling and Emotion: sadness, fear, a sense of belonging

August 7: Foundation of Identity

August 14: Fellowship and Relationship


Sam and Grace Lee

Sam Lee is a pastor at PBF. Grace Lee has D Min at SBTS. They have three sons, Sam, Andrew, and Peter. Princeton Bible Fellowship has three ACBC (Association of the Certified Biblical Counselor) certified counselors: Sam Lee, Grace Lee, and Mary Cowen.

Mary Cowen

Mary Cowen is a missionary in Princeton Bible Fellowship. She has two sons, Jeremiah and Peter, and a daughter & a son-in-law, Miriam and David Kim. She is pursuing D. Ed. Min at SBTS.

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee is in Pretoria UBF in South Africa as an MK. She studied education and taught English in Korea for a year. She loves to share different aspects of life and value the power of the community. She believes there is so much more in God and her hope and expectation are in Jesus. She is currently living in South Africa and is in the middle of finding her next step.

Esther Yun

Esther Yun (Westminster-CCEF certified biblical counselor and working at a Korean counseling center as a counselor and TA) is a missionary in Atlanta Bible Fellowship. She has been serving Georgia Tech, Georgia State Uni. students with counseling and Bible study for 25 years. She has one daughter, Esther Jr. and one son, Sam, and a husband who is a missionary and working as CPA in Atlanta, Georgia.

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