L-117. So, You Want to Get Married?   New


Relationships are complicated. In a world of dating apps, casual hookups and emotional baggage what does the Bible say about how to approach romantic relationships before or leading up to marriage?

In this session we will explore what God tells us about navigating the road to marriage: dating. We’ll cover 4 benchmarks about how men and women need to treat each other and what expectations they should have for a future or current significant other.

These benchmarks are:

·         Thoughtfulness

·         Nobility

·         Clarity

·         Purity

The Bible gives us very good guidelines for how to conduct ourselves when in pursuit of marriage. After completing this session, attendants will be able to identify the traits and actions they need to prioritize in a potential spouse. These traits and actions are modeled after how God pursues His bride: the Church.

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Stephen & Julia Gan

Stephen and Julia both attended the University of Maryland (CP) and started one to one Bible study in Washington UBF around 2009. After graduating, Stephen moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and began attending Lehigh UBF; Julia remained in MD, attending Washington UBF. In 2015 they prayed about getting married and, both convicted that marriage to each other was God's will, were married in Feb 2017. They now live in Bethlehem, PA serving Lehigh UBF. Stephen is an engineer and Julia is a teacher turned SAHM. They have 2 children, Gideon (2.5) and Lily (5 mo).

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