S-115. Thoughts on Message Writing


Are you currently a messenger or maybe will be in the near future? Have you ever wondered whether sermons are still relevant for today? As our society becomes more and more dependent on social media and attention spans grow shorter, how should we think about messages and using them as an effective tool to share the gospel? While not an expert on this matter, I hope to lead a discussion to think about the timeless principles that are essential to biblical preaching. While the world may change, God's word never changes. This session is for those who are currently asked to participate in message writing or plan to take on a more prominent leadership role in their ministry including sharing sermons. Many of the principles we will discuss come from Haddon W. Robinson's well-known text, "Biblical Preaching". 


A. Lee

A. Lee currently is serving overseas with his family. He has been part of Vision Camp from the beginning and is privileged to serve Vision Camp in several roles. The best part of virtual Vision Camp is the chance to meet young people from around the world. He hopes to catch up with 'old' friends and meet 'new' faces this year. Faith, Fellowship, Fun for Life!

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