S-112. Want to be a Bible teacher: 1 to 1 Bible Study Basics


Do you want to become a Bible teacher but aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to share the word of God but not sure you’re ready? You are not alone. This session is intended to alleviate your fear of preparing one to one Bible study materials. This course will assist you how to become a Bible teacher by helping you to prepare Bible study materials. We will begin by preparing a “7 steps” Bible study covering major doctrines of the Scriptures as follows:

Sin and Temptation
Great Commission
Kingdom of God 

By the end of the series all participants will have 1:1 Bible study teaching notebook.
Comments from previous students:

Thank you very much for sharing your Bible-based wisdom and advice with us all! I learned a lot about what it means to be a woman of faith who waits on God's timing and goodness for my marriage. Thank you Msn. Esther, for the clear and biblical bible study. I really got a lot out of it and it cleared up a lot of misunderstandings. It also gave me assurance and hope. 

As I was telling my sister, I am surprised that I never deeply studied this before. After your session, I really think that knowing this biblical truth earlier would’ve saved me a lot of confusion and regrettable past mistakes. I am thankful to learn this now and I appreciate your time and effort! Praise Jesus :)

One thing that I think the most meaningful to me was the question, "How did man co-work with God?" The answer was, Adam was busy co-working with God, naming all the creatures. It gave me an answer when I know I should get married. A husband and wife both should have a clear life purpose and be working hard for the mission. It gave me a more clear idea of the timing and attitude for a marriage.

Personally I liked the way how you gave your stories and examples. To me, it was good even though we didn't have discussion time. Thank you so much!


Esther Lee

M. Esther Lee graduated Kyunghee School of Nursing in 1973. She married Pastor Jacob Lee in 1975 and came to Washington as a tent-maker missionary from Kyunghee-Moon chapter in 1975. She was one of three nurses who came to Washington to pioneer Washington UBF. She had three sons, Abe, John and Jacob Jr. M. Esther Lee worked as registered nurse at PG General Hospital and University of Maryland College Park. She has served Washington UBF for the last 43 years and raised up many house churches and Bible teachers through “the Living Water” sisters. She retired from her job in 2018 and now gives herself fully for 1 to 1 Bible studies and world mission as a silver missionary. She is enjoying 1 to 1 Bible studies with her three granddaughters -Samantha, Victoria, and Madeleine.

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