C-108. God and Money


Young people are into the stock market. Apps like Robinhood make it easy for them to buy and sell stocks. Recently, some of them have made/lost large sums of money quickly by trading the GameStop stock or bitcoins.

Jesus frequently mentioned money in his teachings, more than any other topic, except for the kingdom of God. More than 2,000 verses of the Bible refer to money and related topics. We cannot ignore money in our life.

In this session, we will explore biblically-sound practices of personal finance. Topics will include budgeting, saving for future, investing in stocks and bonds, good and bad debts, tithing, and more.


Daniel Y. Lee

Daniel Y. Lee is a missionary who is serving the UBF ministry in Shippensburg (located in the beautiful Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania). He is also a professor emeritus at Shippensburg University. His three children (Daniel James, Sarah, and Esther) all serve the Lord in their respective mission fields with their families. He and his wife (Deborah) enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren.

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