Vision Camp 2023

Grasping God's Vision:
From Jacob to Israel

July 27 - August 3, 2023 @ Camp CILCA (Cantrall, Illinois)
Registration is now CLOSED

Vision Camp is an annual gathering sponsored by UBF church to gather young people from around the world to see God's vision for the world and how they can be part of his world mission vision.

Our Mission is to inspire and equip the next generation of spiritual leaders to embrace and embody the gospel of Jesus and his kingdom values.

Our Vision

To establish a global community of youngdisciples of Jesus who practically live out God's vision for them to influence the world with His word and His love.

Core Values

  • We believe God's word is God-breathed, inerrant, essential, and foundational for spiritual life and growth.
  • We recognize the importance of the next generation of spiritual leaders for the present and future of God's church.
  • We believe we are here to support our member chapters especially small house churches.
  • We value our identity as an intergenerational community that learns from and inspires one another.
  • We are a global community that encourages spiritual fellowship and co-working to build the body of Christ.
  • We share God's vision for the next generation to become disciples of Jesus and missionaries.